Volunteer Management and Branch Affairs

Volunteers, Youth and Membership Development

Volunteers are the imperatives of the Red Cross/Red Crescent work as no activity can be fully implemented without active involvement of volunteers.  Implementation of activities such as first aid, ambulance service, emergency relief, environmental protection, clean-up campaign and mass community mobilization for vaccination call for active participation of volunteers in particular youth volunteers.  Hence ERCS places paramount importance on the recruitment, training, development and retention of volunteers.  The number of volunteers is not constant and increases with the incidence/occurrences of flood, drought, and fire outbreak, epidemics and conflict situations.

ERCSCurrently the number of ERCS volunteers is more than 50,000. Among others volunteers are engaged in First aid, Ambulance attendant, Blood donation, health and care, …Many Youth Volunteers leave the society lured by the incentive mechanisms provided by NGO's contrary to the principles of volunteerism. With the view of strengthening the capacity of volunteers, different trainings are provided though not carried with the same intensity in all branches.  Trained volunteers are well conversant with the aims and fundamental principles of the movement as well as with activities of the society.  ERCS has the policy of giving employment priority to its volunteers who have the necessary qualifications and experiences.

ERCSERCS is developing and introducing a workable volunteer's management system for the recruitment training, deployment and retention of volunteers, in addition to increasing the overall volunteer base of the society.  Recruiting larger number of adult and professional volunteers will be one of the focuses of volunteer development. Currently, ERCS is in the process of updating the Youth Policy and youth structures which will be in place in the year 2010.

ERCS makes much effort to recruit more members every year as membership fee remains the major source of income for branches.  In 2009 total RC membership has reached over 2 million. To map all RC members, ERCS has started database management system which will be finalized in the year 2010.  All branches will undertake aggressive mobilization campaign to enlist 10% of the Ethiopian population as RC members in the coming three years.

ERCSERCS, with the view of increasing the number of RC volunteers and members, has developed membership and volunteers guide lines which were approved by the ERCS National General Assembly in November 2008.  These guidelines will assist branches in following standardized procedures for attracting, recruiting, and deploying motivating and retaining of volunteers and members.

Branch Development

Branch development focuses on strengthening ERCS structures and Capacities at all levels in terms of Human and Material resources development.  Some of the activities that will be undertaken include:
Tailor made trainings will be prepared and given to branches staffs to strengthen their capacities to design and implement community based development projects.
 Experience sharing visits within and outside the country will be organized.
 Much effort will be made to replace the aging service vehicles of branches.
Yearly performance evaluation sessions will be staged to measure the capacities of branches.
Twinning program will be closely monitored and discussion will be conducted with partners to replicate twinning in less developed branches.
More ERCS structures at zonal and woreda levels will be established and strengthened.

 Resource Development(put in capacity development)

Resource development is concerned with creating a financially self reliant society (at HQ and branches level) that can cover its core costs, undertake micro community based development projects and respond to small scale emergencies with the revenue it generates.  Focusing on real estate development, reliable and sustainable income generating projects will be established in at least 5 zonal branches (W/Arsi, Wolaita, Jima, W/Wollega and W/Gojam).
ERCS will build a 13 story complex with estimated cost of Birr 200 million in the Filwoha area in Addis.


To raise the image of the society and to mobilize resources for ERCS


Improve dissemination program planning and implementation capacity of Regional branches.
Create awareness among different target gropes of the society on IHL, the fundamental principles strengthen the respect of the Red Cross Emblem and there by ensures its proper usage.
Foster community awareness and motivation with a view to maximize public support.
Provide financial and material support to Regional and Zonal Branches particularly to marginalized and prone areas.


Respect to human rights, respect for Red Cross Emblem improved and proper usage are insured.
Image of thee ERCS better built among the public.
Strong network on membership drive and volunteers management exists.
ERCS builds up sustainable financial and human resource capacity.
Access to the wider audience is created through mass Medias and trained disseminators.
 Standard dissemination manuals and materials produced.
 Two dissemination officers are employed and trained.


    Employee and train dissemination officers for 3 region branches.
    Provision of office equipment and audiovisual materials.
    Dissemination by mass media.
    Organize dissemination sessions by branches.
    Expansion of Red Cross youth dissemination task force.
    May 8 celebration
    Printing dissemination materials.
    Monitoring and evaluation.
Status of activities planned to be implemented  jan-june 2010

World red cross day celebration

four region branches   and most of the ercs zonal branches have celebrated the event
   thousand of invited gusts volunteers and gov. represntativs have participated on the event
red cross message,discussion on possibl ways of improving services  of the red cross,literaruer On different topics ,music  and dramas were presented

Dissemination sessions by branches

6 region and 18 zonal branches are selected based on criteria
     buget  is allocated for each branches
     all selected branches are requested to submit action plane.
     only two have responded and the allocated budget is transferred


  Dissemiation by FM radio

SNNPRS tigray and oromia are expected to  use local FM radios.
    tigray has signed letter of agreement with the station and is expected to start as of july 2010
   NNNPRS is in process waiting until up grading of the script is accomplished by the ERCS Communication and  information service.
 ormia will primarily work on translation . the program will  start as soon as this activity is Accomplished.
Improvmnt red cross youth task force
skill up grading training is provide to 25 youth  member selected from Mezan  tepi is bench maji Branch
the same action will be taken  at  S/W shoa and  East shoa  in july 2010
incentive materials will be closely
Implementation of this activity will closely  followed up in connection with youth unit  of ODDVM Department.
Monitoring and evaluation ----field trips have been made in amhara,tigray, and SNNPRS branche.