Ambulance and First Aid Service

Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) Ambulance and First Aid services delivery started 1952 G.C in Addis Ababa and considerably diversify throughout the country. Ethiopian Red Cross Society has now deliver Ambulance and First Aid services with in all regional branch and two city administrations. Ethiopian Red Cross Society developed its own Ambulance Management Manual and revised for third time to incorporate important and current imputes.

All ERCS Regional/Zonal branches and Wereda coordination office strengthen their emergency response capacity and deliver Ambulance and First aid services, for any emergency call, provide free of charge service, for 24 hrs. Ambulance and First Aid services is supported by trained youth volunteers and professional volunteers.

ERCS has now 215 Ambulance stations, 308 Ambulance vehicles and can able to deliver annually more than 300,000 beneficiaries. The Annual service operational cost excides more than 50 million birr yearly allocated from service partners.

ERCS is working on the development for national ambulance service based on its long term objective to transform from emergency transport service to coordinated pre hospital emergency ambulance service by deploying professional volunteers and equip ambulance vehicles with basic service delivery materials. Ambulance and First Aid services being supported by standard web based database management system accessible for all concerned staffs

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