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Membership to the Ethiopian Red Cross Society You can become a member of the ERCS by registering and paying an annual or lifetime subscription fee to your local branch of ERCS.

Membership fees are one of the major sources of income for the branches of the ERCS. By becoming a member you will be making a vital contribution to the support and maintenance of the ERCS programs and activities.

Individual Membership
  • Regular 10 ETB
  • Individual (lifelong) 300 ETB
  • Family (lifelong) 500ETB
Organization Membership
  • Regular 500-2,000 ETB
  • Higher 2,001- 20,000 ETB
  • Special Over 20,000 ETB


For more information on how to become a member of the ERCS please contact +251-115-15-58-05.


Ready to volunteer?

Contact your nearest ERCS branch office

For more information contact

Ethiopian Red Cross Society Volunteer Management and Branch Affairs Department

P.O Box 195 Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia

Tel. Office +251 115156430

Mobile +251 911252428, +251 915751261,


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