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23 Mar

Society Distributes Water Ration To Kindo Koyasha Woreda Communities

By Negussie Negash
Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) high level officials paid a visit to Kindo Koyesha Woreda Wolaita Zone.The visit basically aims at the distribution of water to the communities suffering from water due to the recurrent drought occurred in the Woreda.
Following the arrival of water truck in the area, a crowd of people flagged their hands with inexpressible joy; having naturally out-breaking smile from deep inside on their face.
Martane Bogale, a widowed woman who is a mother of 6 male and 4 female children, I have been suffering from water shortage together with my children. But, now, we got relief with the water ration we are being provided by ERCS,she said.
According to Martane, she made her children go far away to fetch water and gather elephant grass for sale to purchase food for the family. While doing so, the kids have become late for school and challenged to properly attend classes. Two of my children have quitted schooling and got engaged in striving for survival.Martane is grateful for ERCS as the Society has helped them to use the water ration for drinking, cooking, cleaning and serving their cattle.
Zinabu Begashaw, a resident in Wejega village of Mondena Kebele and a father of 2 male & 6 female, put forward that they were suffering due to recurrently occurring drought since 2011. We plough, plant and do everything expected from a farmer but we have ended up fruitlessly being exposed to food shortage due to lack of enough rain. All the water sources around us have dried up and we are now in fear about what would happen to us as the situation is worsening, he stated.

As to Zinabu they have been continually losing their cattle at home or while going 4-5 kilometers in search of water and just throw away their flash for fear that they may contact diseases. It is in this situation that ERCS has reached and helped us to reshuffle our way from death to life,he gratefully expressed.
Dr. Ahmed Reja, President of ERCS, after watching the situation said I am experiencing mixed up feeling; I got to know the condition is very sever and I feel happy for ERCS manages to share the water which is important temporary solution.He also underlined that the Society has to work on long term solution in collaboration with other stakeholders.
Frehiwot Worku, Secretary General of ERCS, on her part, expressed her feeling in the situation saying it is so sad to see this worst problem. We have researched water sources of the area and appealed to International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. If it goes successful, we will do our level best.
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