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11 Oct

Secretary General Receives Global Affairs Canada Delegate

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A delegate from the International Humanitarian Assistance Operation, Global Affairs Canada paid an official visit to the Ethiopian Red Cross society.The visit basically aims to discuss on the status and challenges faced in implementing Strengthening Emergency Response in Africa (SERA).
During the discussion held on October 3, 2017 at the society board room W/o Frehiowt Worku, Secretary General of the Ethiopian Red CrossSociety explained the structural adjustments the Society has been undertaking in recent years to meet the emerging needs and the income sources together with the resource mobilization activities to the delegate. Putting the need for the SERA project forward, “SERA has been a key component in our strategic works”, she stated.
The Secretary General underscored that the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) which is underway has to be priority issue as system development is important for people to operate through. Putting forth the working relationship of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) with the Movement Members, Wro Frehiwot added any partnering body with the Societyis supposed to come up with at least three years project that has sustainable impact.
Helen Barrette, on her part, forwarded that ERCS is among the strongest from the two SERA projects being implemented in Latin America and Africa.
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