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23 Oct

IFRC Donor Advisory Group visits Ethiopia, ERCS

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International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Donor Advisory Group visited Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) from October 9-13, 2017 to assess the drought response by ERCS in Bidu, Afar regional state.
Dr. Ahmed Reja, President of ERCS welcoming DAG delegation at ERCS Training Center During their meeting, Dr. Ahmed Reja, President of ERCS called on the IFRC to extend its support for Ethiopia's efforts towards building a resilient society. Dr. Ahmed stated the Society’s need to give attention to support government's endeavors in building a resilient community - the capability to withstand natural and man-made disasters. Enhancing water supply in the drought-prone areas would have lasting effect in improving the community's drought resilience capacity, Dr. Ahmed noted.
During their discussion with ERCS higher officials, Dr. Jemillah Mahmood, IFRC Under-Secretary General said that IFRC has been closely working with the Ethiopian Red Cross Society to address the critical needs of drought affected citizens. She said we have witnessed that ERCS have been engaged with local communities to build their drought resilience capacity. Dr. Jemilah noted that the delegation has assessed the magnitude of the problem with a view to mobilizing donors' support to people affected by the drought. Praising the role, the Society has been playing in responding to the drought, the Under-Secretary General has also reaffirmed the IFRC's support to ERCS endeavors.
From right to left: W/ro Frehiwot Worku, ERCS SG, Dr. Jemilah Mahmood, IFRC Under-SG and Ato Getachew Taa, IFRC EAIOI cluster head discussing with Bidu Woreda community leaders, Afar.
ERCS Secretary General W/ro Frehiwot Worku on her part said the Society has been closely working with partners including IFRC to address the drought. She noted that the Society has distributed supplementary food, restocking, water trucking and non-food items, among others to the affected people. Stressing the active participation of all actors in the drought response; she also called on IFRC and other stakeholders to support the Society's effort. It is learned that during its stay in Ethiopia, the delegation led by Dr. Jemila Mahmood will pay a courtesy visit with Dr. Mulatu Teshome President of the Country and Patron of Ethiopian Red Cross Society; will hold discussion with government ministers of health, water, national disaster management commission, among others, and the President of the Afar Regional State and relevant local authorities in Semera; last but not list will pay visit to Bidu woreda of Afar to assess the IFRC support given to the affected communities.
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