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20 Nov

Ethiopian Red Cross Society Distributes Food items to Displaced People from Somali Region

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The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) distributed food items worth 1.5 million birr to people displaced from Somali Region in Deder and Haregesa Woredas, Ease Hararge Zone of Oromiya Region from November 03-06, 2017. The Support was obtained from East Africa Bottling Company.
Daniel Ayele, Disaster Preparedness and Response (DPR) Manager of ERCS marked the society has put forward its call to support the affected people and the East Africa Bottling Company responded to the call as one of the partners. “The society will go for generating further supports in this endeavor”, the manager added.
Adem Abdurahman, ERCS East Harerege Zone Branch Head, stated ERCS has been offering first aid and ambulance services to 709 individuals, restoring family separated and rendering psychological advisory. As to the head, the support that has been r provided for 3 rounds so far estimated worth 25,000,000 birr and ICRC plus IOM were part of the support.
Shemiz Mohamed, a mother of 5 who lived for 21 years in Somali Region, expressed they lost all their property and arrived at the temporary residence camp broke. But, now, because of the support from Ethiopian Red Cross Society, other donors and the hosting community, we are now able to lead our life with our children resuming their schooling. “We appreciate ERCS has been standing with us in different ways starting from the very beginning day of our displacement”, she added.
Mohamed Sani, a Head of 17 families and who lived for 25 years in Jigjiga, had his own big shop store from which he generate income to support his family as to him. “Losing all my possessions in thirty minutes, I and my family members just managed to save our lives. But, currently, due to the support from ERCS and others we are recovering from our sufferings”, he stated. He further urged there is no real time than this left for donors to reach out to support them.
Tafesse Dhufera, Communications and Public Affairs Director of East Africa Bottling Company, said the company handed over the support in line with meeting the company responsibility of working for the wellbeing of the community. The support includes milk, powder, pasta, macaroni, rise and sugar which cost 1.5 million birr. The displaced people were originated from Jigejiga, Keberi Beya, Chinakesen, Babile, Komebolecha, Jarso, Togo Chale, Kebri Dahar, Tulu Guder, and Wuchale making 76, 448 people hosted in East Hararge Zone beginning from September 10, 2017, it is learnt.
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