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08 Nov

Society Benefits In Various Ways From Membership In The Task Force

As part of the Agricultural Task Force, Tigray Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) organized Coordination for Resilience workshop in Makele from 28-29th October 2016. It was a workshop meant to sustain the coordination of the Task Force for recovery and resilience building interventions in the aftermath of the drought that occurred in Ethiopia in 2015.
Dejen Zewedu, Food security and climate change coordinator and representative from Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS), said active participation in the regional Disaster Risk Management Agricultural Task Force (DRM ATF) benefited the Society by making it intervene efficiently and effectively. The demand was so high and requirements from actors were so many but resources limited. Coordination made interventions using limited resources owned by participating organizations easier.
The limited availability of emergency response items problem was resolved by coordination efforts that facilitated the purchase process which made timely response possible for the actors of the emergency response operations. ERCS was able to procure fodder through supply arrangement by regional ATF of Tigray Region in June and July 2016, Dejen added.
Habet kirose, Program Division Head at Tigray Branch Office of the Society on his part said ERCS Tigray branch is benefiting from demand and supply side support by ATF. ERCS managed to increase its presence in different woredas with different assistances of dire interest to the communities.
ERCS supplied fodder for 2500 animals in Enderta Woreda when other partners and government were providing general food and supplementary foods, provided the needed water containers when others were trucking water, ERCS in collaboration and funding of ICRC, was providing improved agricultural seeds and farm tools in Erob and Gulemekeda woredas when others were proving General and supplementary foods.
Agricultural Task Force is one of the Task Forces established under the leadership of the Prime Minister to respond to the drought in a coordinated manner following the out-break and escalation of drought to some parts of Ethiopia in 2015.
Participants drawn from Tigray Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development, Relief Society of Tigray, FAO, Goal Ethiopia, Lutheran World Federation, and ERCS participated in the workshop.
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