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30 Dec

Danish RC Goodwill Ambassador Visits ERCS

Danish Red Cross goodwill ambassador Torbjorn C. Pedersen, who has been traveling all over the world in a bid to disseminate about the uniqueness of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and its Fundamental Principles to the World, arrived in Ethiopia on December 2016, as the 122th destination country.
During his discussion with ERCS management, Mr. Pedersen said that, I am very happy to be here in Ethiopia; since 2013, I have been traveling the World with the aim of visiting all the 190 Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies and ERCS is my 122th destination.
People may know the Red Cross by its services; moreover, uniqueness of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, its humanitarian values as well as its functions should also be well known by the people all over the world, he noted.
Ato Wondawok Abezie, Deputy Secretary General of Support sector at ERCS on his part said that, it is a great pleasure for us (ERCS) to host Mr. Pedersen goodwill ambassador of Danish Red Cross; Danish Red Cross has been a long standing partner of ERCS supporting various community development and capacity building projects and programs such as Essential Drugs Program and other community health and disaster management projects and I hope our partnership will also flourish in the future.
Travelling on a budget of just $20 USD per day, Mr. Pedersen is undertaking his journey without the convenience of air travel, something no one has ever achieved. Through this journey he hopes to promote humanity, universality and neutrality, which are parts of the seven Fundamental Principles of Red Cross and Red Crescent and that the experience has been good so far meeting different people including Red Cross volunteers in different parts of the world and his next destination will be Djibouti.
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