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ERCS Conducts Change Initiative Training

Post Date: Wednesday, December 07, 2016

                                                                                                 By Ahmed Mohammed

Employees of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society undertook Change initiative training in a bid to motivate and engage themselves in the ongoing change process of the National Society.

The training which was held on December 01, 2016 at ERCS’ training center was aimed at strengthening the knowledge and awareness of the strategic direction of the National Society in order to have shared vision and mission among themselves.

During the workshop Woretaw Bezabih (PhD) who voluntarily facilitated the training said that, since ERCS is in the process of change, every staff should also be engaged in the process thereby the National Society can successfully implement the change initiative.

Fisseha Abreha, Director of ERCS Training Center also reiterated that employees play a critical role in the implementation of ERCS’ change initiative; therefore, this training is intended to aware the staff about the ongoing change.

Tsigereda Seifu, one of the trainees said that, “although it was only one day training, it was pivotal in that it motivated us to engage ourselves through the change process and similar trainings should be prepared to all the employees.”

Motivation, attitudinal change, social entrepreneurship and organizational change are but a few among the topics covered in the training.

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