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Essential Drug Program

Understanding the fundamentals of Essential Drugs helps to understand the intervention of the ERCS It is all about drugs of first choice which can cure about 80% of the diseases prevailing in a country They are purchased, stocked, dispensed in their generic name The Drugs are intended to be affordable, available and accessible Inventory control, procurement, storage distributions and dispensing are manageable. Financing in relatively easy and health institutes can effectively use their budgets

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Disaster Preparedness and Response

One of the oldest and well known Red Cross service by the community is the relief distributions for the people affected by the manmade and natural disaster. this service was started and full recognized by the Government and community since 1985 Wollo drought that affected livelihoods of thousand peoples in the history of the country. Since that the Department was established and provide the relief actives based on the resources that mobilized from external sources. 

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International Humanitarian Law

One of the purposes of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of armed conflicts and other situations of violence, and to provide them with assistance. One way in which the ERCS fulfills this purpose is by disseminating the principles of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) to prevent violations by all parties to an armed conflict of international or non-international nature. 

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Disaster Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation

Ethiopia is one of the disaster prone countries in sub Saharan Africa. Drought, flooding, conflict, crop pest, hailstorm, landslide and others are the widely experienced disasters in the country. These disasters coupled with poverty, high population pressure, climate change, ever increasing prices on basic requirements of the people have made many individuals, households and the community by large vulnerable for varying disasters.

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Volunteer Management and Branch Affairs

Volunteers are the imperatives of the Red Cross/Red Crescent work as no activity can be fully implemented without active involvement of volunteers. Implementation of activities such as first aid, ambulance service, emergency relief, environmental protection, clean-up campaign and mass community mobilization for vaccination call for active participation of volunteers in particular youth volunteers.

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Communication and Resource Mobilization

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) Communication and Resource Mobilization Department has two coordination units which basically work to build the National Society image by raising the knowledge and awareness of the general public on its humanitarian activities, and coordinates the mobilization of resources to reach out the most vulnerable groups, respectively.

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