Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2020 (2011-2020)

ERCS developed its second generation Ten Year Strategic Plan 2020 to give general direction to its community based development programs and Humanitarian services between 2011 and 2020? The four strategic aims for the next ten years are:

1. Save lives, protect livelihoods and strengthen recovery from disasters and crises

2. Enable healthy and safe living

3. Promote social inclusion and a culture of non-violence and peace

4. Upgrade systems and procedures, and strengthen capacities for improved performances.

The first Strategic Aim focuses on the provision of appropriate and timely response to disasters and risks to save human lives It is also concerned with restoring lost livelihood assets to restart disrupted productive activities.

The second Strategic Aim is concerned with protecting communities against accidents and resulting disabilities and death, against usage of unprotected water and health disasters so that people could have healthy and safer living styles to live longer.

The third Strategic Aim recognizes that no homogeneous society exists and thus looks at creating strong partnership with the communities for fostering culture of tolerance for diversities, solving differences through dialogues without resorting to violence and for the inclusion of marginalized groups (Lepers, Epileptic Patients, PLWHA, Albinos, migrants, street dwellers, minority groups and others) into the mainstream of social interaction and development.

While the three strategic aims were adapted from the Federation Strategy 2020 which was developed for common use by National Societies, the fourth Strategic Aim is developed specifically to address the overall operational capacities deficiencies of ERCS.

Shared Value

Responsiveness  We provide timely reaction for the needy

Empathy We develop emotional capacity to understand others from their referenc

Credibility  We work towards trust worthiness and reliability among all

Excellence We Provide superior quality service

Solidarity We collaborate with movement and non-movement partners



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