Volunteer Management and Branch Affairs

Volunteers, Youth and Membership Development

Volunteers are the imperatives of the Red Cross/Red Crescent work as no activity can be fully implemented without active involvement of volunteers. Implementation of activities such as first aid, ambulance service, emergency relief, environmental protection, clean-up campaign and mass community mobilization for vaccination call for active participation of volunteers in particular youth volunteers. Hence ERCS places paramount importance on the recruitment, training, development and retention of volunteers. The number of volunteers is not constant and increases with the incidence/occurrences of flood, drought, and fire outbreak, epidemics and conflict situations.

ERCSCurrently the number of ERCS volunteers is more than 50,000. Among others volunteers are engaged in First aid, Ambulance attendant, Blood donation, health and care,Many Youth Volunteers leave the society lured by the incentive mechanisms provided by NGO's contrary to the principles of volunteerism. With the view of strengthening the capacity of volunteers, different trainings are provided though not carried with the same intensity in all branches. Trained volunteers are well conversant with the aims and fundamental principles of the movement as well as with activities of the society. ERCS has the policy of giving employment priority to its volunteers who have the necessary qualifications and experience

ERCS is developing and introducing a workable volunteer's management system for the recruitment training, deployment and retention of volunteers, in addition to increasing the overall volunteer base of the society. Recruiting larger number of adult and professional volunteers will be one of the focuses of volunteer development. Currently, ERCS is in the process of updating the Youth Policy and youth structures which will be in place in the year 2010.

ERCS makes much effort to recruit more members every year as membership fee remains the major source of income for branches. In 2009 total RC membership has reached over 2 million. To map all RC members, ERCS has started database management system which will be finalized in the year 2010. All branches will undertake aggressive mobilization campaign to enlist 10% of the Ethiopian population as RC members in the coming three years.

ERCS, with the view of increasing the number of RC volunteers and members, has developed membership and volunteers guide lines which were approved by the ERCS National General Assembly in November 2008. These guidelines will assist branches in following standardized procedures for attracting, recruiting, and deploying motivating and retaining of volunteers and members.



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