The President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is the Patron of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society.

The National General Assembly of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society is the highest decision making organ of the Society. It passes decisions on all matters concerning the Society. The General Assembly comprises of members of the National Board, five elected representatives from each region, representatives from selected relevant ministries and other government public bodies, representatives from the Ethiopian Labor Union Federation, Chamber of Commerce, Ethiopian Red Cross Labor Union as well as individual Red Cross members to be determines by the General Assembly.

The National General Assembly elects nine members of the National Board who are collectively responsible for the fulfillment of the purposes of the Society. The National Board consists of the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer and other six members.

Moreover, the Board is responsible for appointing the Secretary General of the Society, who serves as the chief executive officer and directs, administers and supervises the Headquarters and ensures that the management of branches is in line with the rules and procedure of the Society.

Board Memebrs Of Ethiopian Red Cross Society

His Excellency Dr. Mulatu TeshomePatron of Ethiopian Red Cross Society
Dr. Ahmed Reja Goush Board-President
Ato Abebe Kebede Treasure
Dr. Kebede Worku Member
Ato. Million W/Meskel Tariku Member
W/ro. Mulu Solomon Member
Ambassador Fisseha YemerMember
W/ro. Zemi YenusMember
Ato. Tolosa DegefuMember



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