An online learning community delivering any professional learning opportunities, as well as other personal learning.

The Ethiopian Red Cross Learning platform is an online learning community delivering Red Cross Red Crescent professional learning opportunities, as well as other personal learning.

The learning platform was developing with the help of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Society that produces certificate with ERCS logo.

Learning platform learning courses are:

  • short
  • free
  • self-directed
  • high quality


Volunteers, staffs, members and youths of The Ethiopian Red Cross Society and the general public are all encouraged to use the materials as extensively as possible.

Users can learn at their own pace, anywhere, anytime. The course catalogue provides an up-to-date overview of the many courses available in various languages. Registration and access to the Learning platform is free. Benefits to learners include:

  • World-class professional development courses available through third-party partners
  • Learning Passport, retaining training records for the long term
  • A global community of learners to tap into, and learn with and from suggested learning paths supporting each individual’s development needs
  • Learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever, on key topics to help you become a better humanitarian — all for free

The IFRC with the help of third party gave customize this learning platform on

  • Register all (or groups of) their volunteers and staff
  • Customize their own log-in and landing pages, and their course catalogue
  • Contact learners directly through a log-in page learning blog
  • Administer their own volunteer and staff members
  • Develop and load their own courses on the Learning platform and report on activity

By adopting this system (rather than using another), we also benefit by:

  • Having immediate access to hundreds of Red Cross Red Crescent and personal development courses that already exist on the Learning platform
  • Receiving advice and guidance in contextualizing existing or developing new course
  • Help loading any new courses onto the platform for national, as well as global, Red Cross Red Crescent audiences plugging into the global Red Cross Red Crescent learning community whilst building one’s own National Society learning community
  • Benefiting from economies of scale and therefore reduced software (and other) costs

We invite all people to take courses in the Learning platform. We encourage volunteers, members and staffs and any public to embrace the Learning platform as their first port of call for professional development.