Image Building

The program is designed to bring the Red Cross and its humanitarian activities closer to the public through:

  • Utilizing diverse digital, broadcast, and print media,
  • Enhancing visibility and reputation,
  • Fostering public acceptance,
  • Disseminating Red Cross and Red Crescent  History and activities, Fundamental Principles, emblems, International Humanitarian Law, etc,
  • Leveraging website and major social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter),
  • Facilitating information, dissemination, and global feedback,
  • Sharing Society’s policies, plans, programs, and activities,
  • Accessible to stakeholders and partners,
  • Publishing relevant content in print media, newsletters, brochures, flyers, etc,
  • Employing spot interaction methods (panel discussions, campaigns, conferences, workshops, training),
  • Promoting dialogue, humanitarian involvement and advocacy, and
  • Amplifying the voices of the most vulnerable.