Resource Mobilization

To ensure the sustainable provision of fundamental humanitarian and developmental necessities and to establish the Society as a financially self-reliant organization capable of consistently meeting these requirements, intensive mobilization of domestic resources is the viable pathway. Consequently, a vigorous mobilization campaign will engage the general public, government and non-governmental bodies, various partners, volunteers, members, and the government sector. Simultaneously, a more systematic and efficient utilization of assets acquired from public authorities, legacy donations, and existing income generation facilities will be pursued.

This program is realized through:

  • Delivering lasting humanitarian and development support,
  • Striving for financial self-reliance,
  • Ensuring sustainable service delivery,
  • Mobilizing domestic resources as the primary approach,
  • Engaging the public, government, NGOs, partners, volunteers and members,
  • Optimizing Society’s acquired assets, and
  • Utilizing legacy donations and income-generation facilities effectively.