Harari Regional Branch

ERCS Harari Regional Branch is the first branch established in 1974 during Ethio-somali conflict. Harari Regional branch provides humanitarian assistance in Harar town and 3 woreda Red Cross Committees.

The branch has 122 volunteers and 3996 members


Address: –

Harar town, Aboker   wereda, Kebele 13

 Tel    +2516660527 or   +25166601914

 P.o.box   057

Board Members  


There are Board governance consisting of seven members each in the region and in zone, and 13 Woreda committees consisting of five members each.

Regional Secretary

  • 24 hour ambulance services in Harar town and other sub ambulance stations
  • First Aid training and services
  • Restoring Family Links (reunification of families)
  • Disaster prevention and preparedness
  • Health and pharmaceutical services
  • Dissemination of community health information and other Red Cross activities

The Harari Regional branch has 122 volunteers and 3,996 members.