Benishangul Gumuz Regional Branch

Established in 1997. The office has been offering comprehensive humanitarian services to the regional communities.Located in Assosa, the capital city of the Benishangul Gumuz Regional State.

Board Members  


The office has a regional board at regional level and zonal coordination board at Kamashi and Metekele towns.

Regional Secretary

Ambulance service : There are 2 ambulances delivering services in Kamashi and Gilegle Beles towns. The ambulances provide services within 30 km radius. Ambulance of Kamashi town targets to offer services to 1500-2000 people where as that of Giligele Beles targets around 10,000 people.


Essential drug supply: With a Pharmacy found in Assosa City the office provides essential drugs with affordable price to the community.

First aid training and service: Emergency case trainings are provided to target youth, to organization, military personnel and the public at large.

Restoring family link: The service is offered to the local communities and different refugee communities settled in Sore, Sherkole, Bambasi and Tongo refugee camps.

Water hygiene and sanitation activities: WASH activities target Assosa, Mao Komo and Kamashi woredas benefiting 57,000 people in Assosa and Mao Komo Woredas and 10,000 people in Kamashi Woradas.

Disaster preparedness and response: Provides non-food items for people in case of man-made and natural disaster that occurs in the region.

Dissemination activities

The region has 2022 youth volunteers and 9097 members. The former are actively engage in first aid, awareness raising and other ERCS activities.