DireDawa Regional Branch

Was established in 1984. At early age of its establishment, the branch started its humanitarian operation with family linking services for victims of the Somalia war of aggression in 1976/77, who were kept in Somali prisons for a decade. The branch also undertakes various humanitarian activities since its inception.


Found in Dire Dawa City.

Board Members  


Governed by elected board members that comprises Board president, vice president, treasurer and four members elected on a national assembly held every four year.

Regional Secretary

Pre-health care and self-hygiene program designed to prevent disease by 70%


24 hour free ambulance service, First Aid Service, Disaster Relief, Pharmacy, Pre-hospital health care service, Self-hygiene Service, Local Tracing and International Tracing services.

The branch has 383 youth volunteers and 3352 members. Of the total youth volunteers, 22 of them are active volunteers and are engaged in Ambulance, First Aid and other humanitarian services. Its members are also actively involved in membership and volunteer recruitment for emergency relief and other services of the branch office.