Amhara Regional Branch

Amhara Regional branch was established in 2001 but the first of the Zonal branches in the region, South Wollo Branch, was established in 1975. The Amhara branch is made up of 7 zonal, 57 woreda (district) branch offices and 1,150 kebele Red Cross Committees.



Location: Bahir Dar

Town:  Fasilo Sub City

Kebele 15

Telephone: +251 0582221041 or +251 0582266390

Board Members  


There are a total of 156 board members representing the highest leadership of the offices from regional to woreda levels.

Regional Secretary


  • 24 hour ambulance service
  • First Aid training and services
  • Water and sanitation
  • Health and pharmaceutical services (8 pharmacies)
  • Food security program
  • Emergency relief, recovery and rehabilitation
  • Restoring Family Links (reunification of families)
  • Climate change risk reduction
  • Maternal, newborn and child health
  • Public health in emergency activities

The Amhara Regional branch has 12,846 volunteers and 2,370,784 members.