Tigray Regional Branch

Established in 1977 G.C mainly to support the emergency relief program with one ambulance and three staffs. Now it has extended its structure and activities in zonal and Woreda branches by utilizing a large number of ambulances.The regional branch has 4 Zonal branch offices, 1 Coordination Office, 47 Woreda branch offices and 46 sub Woreda Coordination Offices.



Located in Mekelle town, kedamay Woyane sub city

Board Members  


The regional branch office, its Zonal and Woreda offices have their own board members and management that guides and assists the branch activities.

Regional Secretary

  • Ambulance services using 148 ambulance vehicles.
  •  Community Resilience Program (Food Security Project),
  •  Economic Security ( ECOSEC )  program,
  •  Restoring family link ( RFL) and
  •  Pharmacy services (Essential drug programs)

The regional branch has 3287 volunteers and 330,031 regular, 96 lifelong, 18 family and 129 corporate members. Totally the regional branch has 330,274 members.