Somalia Regional Branch

Somali Regional branch was initially founded in 1977 EC as a sub-branch of Hararge Region and was made into its own to Regional branch in 1989 EC. Currently the branch has a regional office in Jigjiga, a sub office in Gode, and Restoring Family Links operation office in Dolo Ado. It also has 42 woreda/kebele Red Cross Committees.



Location: Jigjiga, Kebele 05

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 65, Jigjiga, Ethiopia

Telephone: +251257752683 or +251257753040

Fax: +251257752683

Board Members  

There are Board governance consisting of seven members each in the region and in zone, and 13 Woreda committees consisting of five members each.

Regional Secretary

  • Ambulance service
  • First Aid training and services
  • Emergency response
  • Restoring Family Links (reunification of families)
  • Water, sanitation, health and nutrition programs
  • Disaster risk reduction programs
  • Institutional capacity building interventions
  • 33 Red Cross Clubs

The Somali Regional branch has 200 volunteers and 8,780 members.